Arcadeset News

May 3, 2011 – The site ArcadeSET was taken over by a new Admin. There will be a lot of cool new features added to the site. First of all there is a simple discussion forum for this site. You can talk about anything that needs to be discussed like site improvements, new games suggestions etc. You can now join Us on facebook as well! You can see a small window on top with a link to our facebook page... Anyone who likes ArcadeSET and have a facebook account, please press the "Like" button so it could bring even more people to here ;-)

June 15, 2009 – Today we launched our flash games website The website is still in 'Beta' version. We'll try to make it stable and full released version as soon as possible. We will appreciate if members and guests of give us their feedback through our contact us page. With all your help and support we'll make the best flash gaming website online!