Air Hockey

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Air Hockey

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Game Description

Play Air Hockey, cool 3D free online air hockey game all over the world in experimental and classic mode with great graphics, realistic physics and addicting gameplay. The main goal of this game is to destroy all apponent's cubes as quick as possible. The first player who destroys all cubes is the winner. If the time runs out, the player with more cubes left is the winner. You can choose from 3 game modes: VS Mode for practice, World Mode to play with classic rules and travel the world, Arcade Mode a new way to play. Get all the achievements in the game and find the secret characters. Use the mouse to move the mallet and lead the pointer in the direction you want to hit the puck. The faster the pointer moves, the more powerful the hit will be and the puck will have more speed. To pause or restart the game just click on the Menu button (the one with the gear icon). Play Air Hockey at Arcade Set and have fun!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: muse  Top Score Top Score: 31290  Category Category: Sports games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 23rd Feb 2012  Gameplays Played: 14333 times
Air Hockey Full Screen Mode: Air Hockey Full Screen

Game Rating

(3.78 avg.) Rated: 18 times


Top Scores

1. muse: 31290.00
2. cobra272: 4640.00
3. Admin: 2880.00
4. sexxii: 2290.00

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