Bloomin Gardens

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Bloomin Gardens

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Game Description

Bloomin Gardens is a cool puzzle game online with logic elements. In Bloomin Gardens you become a gardener and your goal is to take care of your flower bed and keep it under control. Plants are growing faster than you can pick them. You need to prevent your garden to get overgrown. You have to arrange flowers of the same kind into rows of five or more to be able to harvest them and create some space. The more flowers you clear in a single row, the more points you get. Click to grab a plant, then click onto a new empty patch to replant it. There must be a clear path through the garden, you cant replant blocked flowers. Watch the incoming plants shown on the right, so you can plan ahead a little. Your score is displayed on the top left. Once your garden becomes completely overgrown, the game is over. This game requieres a lot of planning and thinking ahead. How long can you keep your garden under control in Bloomin Gardens online game?

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