Hardcast Predator

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Hardcast Predator

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Game Description

In Hardcast Predator cool fighting game you have to kill all the hordes of aliens going to kill your Predator. In this 6-level online action game you will take a role of a Predator and you can enjoy some of the cool weapons the Predator has! like claws, wrist blades and his bloody razor whip. You can also use some kicks to kill the enemy aliens. In every level your Predator has to kill a different amount of aliens. You can watch your life in the top left corner. Use your arrow keys to move the Predator into directions. Press D to stab, S to throw a disk, A for a special move, Space for a special kill. The score is submited automatically. Try to make the best score in the game Hardcast Predator. Good luck!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: muse  Top Score Top Score: 28  Category Category: Fighting games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 3rd Mar 2012  Gameplays Played: 8654 times
Hardcast Predator Full Screen Mode: Hardcast Predator Full Screen

Game Rating

(4.08 avg.) Rated: 12 times


Top Scores

1. muse: 28.00

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