Makai Archery

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Makai Archery

Game Description

Makai Archery is an addictive flash game where you have to throw arrows to hit the targets. In each level you have six arrows to hit the targets. Also to progress to the next level you need to score the required number of points in each level. You can score 1 to 10 in each shot depending on the accuracy of your throw. The target is moving from left to the right of the game screen and you have to throw the arrows at the right time to hit the center of the target. Also, the target moves at random speed each time which makes the game little harder for you. You need a very good hand-eye coordination to score higher points. Click the mouse button and hold anywhere on the game screen to draw the arrow, then the target will start moving, and finally release the mouse button to throw the arrow when you think it is perfect time to hit the bull’s eye. Try to score as many points as possible by beating as many levels as you can and prove that you are a better archer than mighty Robin Hood.

Game Stats

Champion Champion: trumpisgod  Top Score Top Score: 270  Category Category: Shooting games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 17th Jun 2009  Gameplays Played: 13268 times
Makai Archery Full Screen Mode: Makai Archery Full Screen

Game Rating

(4.75 avg.) Rated: 8 times


Top Scores

1. trumpisgod: 270.00
2. bette: 262.00
3. prince909: 232.00
4. muse: 220.00
5. 909 pimp: 209.00

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