Shanghai Dynasty

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Shanghai Dynasty

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Game Description

The puzzle game Shanghai Dynasty is a Mahjong style online game. Select your desired skill level by clicking "For Kids" or "Shanghai" buttons. The goal of this arcade game is to remove all tiles from the screen. The rules are that you can only remove tiles by matching two that are the same, fully identical, and they must not be blocked from sliding to the left or right side. Click one tile, then click the second tile and you will see if it's possible to remove it. If they both match and they are free to be removed, they will disappear. You can only remove a tile if it does not have a tile on top of it, and also if it has a space free either to the left or right of it. Imagine sliding the tile out left or right. If there is a tile obstructing the one you wish to slide out, the move will be dissallowed. Try to clear all of the tiles from the board with as lowest number of clicks as possible. Good luck!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: bette  Top Score Top Score: 100  Category Category: Puzzle games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 17th May 2012  Gameplays Played: 370858 times
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Game Rating

(4.83 avg.) Rated: 47 times


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1. bette: 100.00

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GrammyB avatar
GrammyB Positive Review
This game is good only for those who desire to learn the game. Enjoyed playing it as a diversion but still enjoy the other Mahjong game better. A good game for beginners.
Reviewed on May 19, 2012, 12:25 pm

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