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9 Ball
Played 34945 Times
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High Score Game
26th Sep 2009
Scored: 3680
9 Ball rating
Avg. Rating: 4.47/5.00
9 Ball plays very similar to regular 9-ball game, except you can hit the balls out of sequence. However, you would not score so high if you do this. Always try to hit the lowest numbered ball first. The star symbol indicates you are doing this. If you keep this up, and clear the table without fouling, you will be awarded with a massive score bonus. Click mouse on the strength bar at the top of the screen to adjust shot strength. When taking a shot, position the transparent cue ball to where you want it to go, and click the mouse to hit.
Skee Ball
Played 393214 Times
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Casino Games
High Score Game
11th Jul 2009
Scored: 3450
Skee Ball rating
Avg. Rating: 4.69/5.00
Skee Ball online is a remake of the highly popular classic skill game. Your objective in Skee Ball is to score as many points as possible by throwing the balls into the target holes. Use your mouse to play the Skee Ball online game. First click your mouse and hold the button at the bottom of the game screen, then throw the mouse forward and release the button to fling the ball ahead. Throwing the ball in any direction will guide the ball towards that way. There are several target holes with varying points from 10 to 100 on the top of the game screen where you have to aim your balls. You will score points depending on which hole the ball falls into. You have 10 balls to score as much points as you can. There are also two types of bonus balls – red balls (for double points) and blue balls (for quadruple points). You will get a bonus balls if you able to score a ball in a yellow glowing target. Also, if you score 600 or more points at the end of the game you will get three extra balls t