Reindeer Bounce

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Reindeer Bounce

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Game Description

A magical mishap is causing Santa's reindeer to blast out of control into the sky. Bounce the poor animals back to safety in time for Christmas Eve! Use your mouse to move the paddle left and right. Bounce each reindeer 3 times for a successful rescue, to get it back to safety in time for Christmas. Rescue a red-nosed reindeer and a power-up present will drop down: Red doubles your paddle size and blue gives you a super paddle (instant rescue and bomb proof). Power-ups last only for a limited time. Miss a reindeer and a bomb falls down. Don't touch the bombs or you'll get stunned! Enjoy playing Reindeer Bounce, cool Christmas game online and have fun!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: Pieofdeath2012  Top Score Top Score: 1620  Category Category: Action games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 22nd Dec 2012  Gameplays Played: 7037 times
Reindeer Bounce Full Screen Mode: Reindeer Bounce Full Screen

Game Rating

(3.60 avg.) Rated: 5 times


Top Scores

1. Pieofdeath2012: 1620.00

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