Stop the Bus

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Stop the Bus

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Game Description

In online card game called Stop the Bus your goal is to try not to get thrown off the bus. Get as close to 31 as you can with a single suit then stop the bus but be warned, whoever comes last loses a token! Lose all tokens and it's a long walk home! With 3 different difficulties, lots of computer opponents, detailed game stats, high-scores, fun casino style graphics & chilled sound, this is a game you'll keep coming back to! Try to get as close to 31 as you can with a single suit. Aces are worth 11 and picture cards are worth 10. Click the deck or waste to take a card then click a card from your hand to discard it. Stop the Bus before you discard a card if you think your score is good enough to beat your opponents. Your score will be submited automatically once you finish the game. Good luck!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: bette  Top Score Top Score: 37720  Category Category: Casino games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 11th Jan 2012  Gameplays Played: 15523 times
Stop the Bus Full Screen Mode: Stop the Bus Full Screen

Game Rating

(4.57 avg.) Rated: 28 times


Top Scores

1. bette: 37720.00
2. MAGNUM: 34170.00
3. muse: 25800.00
4. summer69: 18060.00
5. OVERDOSE: 12380.00

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Alex101 avatar
Alex101 Positive Review
Reviewed on July 10, 2012, 10:23 am
TerrariaLiam avatar
TerrariaLiam Positive Review
Reviewed on June 26, 2012, 3:01 pm

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