Thor Towers

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Thor Towers

Game Description

In Thor Towers your objective is to build a tower as high as possible by using building blocks. Press the spacebar button to place blocks. Try to place blocks in such a way that the tower stay stable. Earn combo points for placing blocks accurately one after another. You will lose a life if you unable to place a block on the top of the tower. You have three lives to build a tower as high as you can.

Game Stats

Champion Champion: school sucks  Top Score Top Score: 381630  Category Category: Skill games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 15th Sep 2009  Gameplays Played: 9235 times
Thor Towers Full Screen Mode: Thor Towers Full Screen

Game Rating

(4.62 avg.) Rated: 13 times


Top Scores

1. school sucks: 381630.00
2. OVERDOSE: 147470.00
3. Brian: 95270.00
4. ztbman: 62530.00
5. stilnsocal: 45650.00

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Aaron G avatar
Aaron G Positive Review
Very fun
Reviewed on October 21, 2009, 2:51 pm

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