Uphill Rush

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Uphill Rush

Game Description

Uphill Rush is a highly addictive flash racing game that will test your skills in handling bike, quad, monster truck, and skateboard on various rough terrains. Race against time or with rival racers to reach the end of each level as fast as you can while doing various flips and stunts without falling over. You have to ride your bike in some of the challenging tracks and you need a lot of skills to score higher points. Try to do various flips and stunts to boost your bonus points and try to collect all the stars to earn more points. Use the keyboard up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow to brake, left arrow to lean in left side, right arrow to lean in right direction, press spacebar button to jump, use M key to show or hide mini map, P to pause, and use Z key for turbo which will double you speed for 5 seconds. Show everyone that you are the best racer in the world by becoming the champion in every track. Remember you have only five lives to complete each track, so ride carefully.

Game Stats

Champion Champion: Gabrieloiz  Top Score Top Score: 52830  Category Category: Bike Racing games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 23rd Jul 2009  Gameplays Played: 13042 times
Uphill Rush Full Screen Mode: Uphill Rush Full Screen

Game Rating

(4.17 avg.) Rated: 12 times


Top Scores

1. Gabrieloiz: 52830.00
2. gangsta347: 26720.00
3. Disparity: 12310.00
4. Admin: 10520.00
5. chiller: 8090.00

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Guest Positive Review
the best bitches
Reviewed on June 9, 2012, 2:38 pm
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P3NGUIN Positive Review
pretty fun
Reviewed on May 26, 2011, 3:01 pm

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