Zombie Trapper

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Zombie Trapper

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Game Description

Shooting the zombies is not enough at all, you have to trap them! This is a combination of platformer, shooting, defense and strategy! Unlike the other normal zombie games, in this game, you can not only shoot the zombies by using your weapons, but also set up traps and fences to trap the zombies and kill them. There are 9 weapons, 5 traps and 4 fences. So a player can generate many ways of weapon and trap combinations to fight with the zombies. They need to think where and how to set up the traps before starting each level, and they will be getting much fun on it!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: jonofdoom  Top Score Top Score: 1159980  Category Category: Shooting games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 6th Sep 2010  Gameplays Played: 9484 times
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Game Rating

(4.71 avg.) Rated: 14 times


Top Scores

1. jonofdoom: 1159980.00
2. bigbenrocks: 715215.00
3. Admin: 709849.00
4. killstone111: 225800.00
5. Luigi: 104480.00

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Admin Positive Review
This game is just awesome ;-)
Reviewed on May 5, 2011, 3:03 am

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