Boxing Mania

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Boxing Mania

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Game Description

Boxing Mania is a cool flash sports fighting game and your goal in this exhilarating boxing game is to knockout your opponent as fast as possible. Click once to do an upper punch. Click the right side of the screen to do the a right punch and click the left side of your screen to execute the left punch. Click twice quickly to do a rapid jab. Press spacebar to block. Press and hold spacebar down and doubleclick to do the uppercut. When the rounds start, always keep blocking first and then start hitting to score quickly and knockout the boxer. After one or two punches from the end, you can try to do the blocking to avoid the punches of the boxer so as you can negate the chance of losing the round too early. Remember, more the rounds advance, more the boxers are getting stronger!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: OVERDOSE  Top Score Top Score: 31233  Category Category: Fighting games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 12th Oct 2011  Gameplays Played: 10386 times
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Game Rating

(4.62 avg.) Rated: 13 times


Top Scores

1. OVERDOSE: 31233.00
2. bigbenrocks: 16800.00

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