Crash the Robot

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Crash the Robot

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Game Description

Crash the Robot is a physics-based online puzzle game with 45 unique levels. Your objective in this robot destruction skill game is to find multiple ways to destroy the robot. Use bombs and other items, bring into operation different mechanisms and you will know how many ways of robot destruction exist. Position the bombs, cannons, springboards and weights to trigger chain reactions that will lead to the destruction of the robot. A diverse gameplay will not let you get bored! There are over 40 ways to have a good time crashing the robot! Various mechanisms are brought into work with the help of buttons. Use your mouse to drag the bombs out of the inventory and place them into the correct spot. Then click the start button to watch what happens. You can submit your score anytime from the in-game menu. Can you destroy the robot in all 45 challenging levels? Have fun!

Game Stats

Champion Champion: OVERDOSE  Top Score Top Score: 43150  Category Category: Puzzle games
High Score Game High Score Game  Game added Added On: 10th Jul 2012  Gameplays Played: 6916 times
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Game Rating

(4.50 avg.) Rated: 6 times


Top Scores

1. OVERDOSE: 43150.00
2. ourgoofnick: 21250.00
3. muse: 9050.00
4. Admin: 8600.00

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