Dice Wars

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Dice Wars

Game Description

Looking for some fun online board game? Dice Wars might be the one, though in much simpler and quicker form than the original game. Dice Wars is a unique turn-based strategy game coming from Japan. There is a big map with territories occupied by different armies. Your goal is to conquer all enemy territories using random dice number you generate in each turn. The rules are simple, click on one of your dice-armies, click on a nearby army in an enemy territory to roll the dice and attack them. If the attacker's total dice number is larger than defender's, the territory is captured. You can capture as many territories as possible in every turn, but be careful and don't attack bigger armies as the chances of winning the battle are smaller and you can lose your dice-army and the whole war! This game is easy to play but hard to win. It relies heavily on luck but soon you will realise which strategies are the best and which strategies to avoid.

Game Stats

Category Category: Strategy games
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